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Made with Blueberry and clinically-effective levels of the adaptogen Schisandra, this formula helps you find concentration when you feel distracted and dull. Focus is best used to take on your to-do list or power through the 3pm slump — it’s like tunnel vision for your work day.* Added bonus: including adaptogens into your daily routine will help consistently balance your stress hormones for long-term wellness benefits.*

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Why we like it

In clinical trials, Schisandra increased mental performance and concentration and also decreased mental fatigue. We've made sure to include clinically-effective levels of Schisandra in each dose of Focus.*

Native Region

Northern China


This adaptogenic super-berry supports your ability to handle occasional stress while promoting mental and physical stamina. Long used in ancient Chinese medicine, Schisandra berries were so important that they were often gifted to the emperor. Our formula uses Schisandra for its benefits to cognitive health - it's like tunnel vision for your to-do list.*

How adaptogens work

Adaptogens work like a thermostat. They read when your adrenal response is too high or too low, and work with your body to help balance stress levels.*

Balance throughout your day

Vitality and Rest work together to provide energy
 for your day and relaxation for your night.